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Save Your Time and Cut Down Effort with Online Train Reservation
13.03.2014 16:12

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One of the nightmares Indian Railway passengers had recently was the difficulty to get a railway ticket booking done. It was not an easy task as it required a lot of athletic skills and perseverance to accomplish. You had to visit the railway station booking counters early morning itself to get a decent position in the queue at the booking counters and it was hours’ long wait to know whether you could get a confirmed reservation or not. Still many a times, people need to return brokenhearted finding no reservation is available. Don’t worry, things are changing now. Indian Railways offers online train reservation, and you can very much book your tickets online now to save time and effort.


The online ticket booking is a very innovative and quickly accessible mechanism and the interface is made very user-friendly that even the non-tech savvy people can get it done easily. The facility is available through the IRCTC website,, which is the official website of the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation.


For the first time when you log in, you need to do a one-time registration by providing your personal particulars as well as creating a unique user ID and password. With the ID and password, you can directly log on to the services page, where there are different functional tabs for you to access ticket booking, train search, PNR status search, tatkal booking, etc. Once after finding your comfortable train and class of travel, you can easily go ahead with the online train reservation by following the instructions carefully and making the ticket fare payment online through the internet banking or using credit/debit cards over a secured payment gateway.


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