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IRCTC PNR Enquiry - Get The Status Of Your Ticket And Travel Easy
21.05.2014 10:38

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Earlier all procedures of the Indian Railways like ticket booking, checking of train availability, route, seat availability, prices of tickets, checking the PNR status and cancellation of tickets were handled manually. But as the number of trains increased and with it the number of passengers, it became almost impossible to handle everything manually. It was then that computers were introduced and in many railway stations computerized booking made everything fast and easy. Then IRCTC was introduced by the Indian Railways, which completely revolutionized the whole railway system. Now everything is possible on the website of IRCTC. IRCTC PNR enquiry provides you the status of your ticket within minutes.


IRCTC is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways and stands for Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation. it online portal allows you to book tickets and check any detail you need to know about the trains. You can also book tour packages on its website. Its online booking facility has made ticket booking very easy and fast for the passengers, making it possible for them to book it sitting comfortably at home or the office. The passengers are also provides a lot of attractive offers when they book online on its website.


IRCTC PNR enquiry is possible on other travel and tourism websites also. Asking at the railway station and by calling at the call centers are other ways to make the enquiry. With mobile phones getting very popular with the people, mobile phone enquiry is also allowed. You can get the website of IRCTC in your mobile phone and make all the enquiries.


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